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Profile Stories 002

Willow Lindley - Contemporary Market Editor at Vogue

For our second profile story, we approached New York based Willow Lindley to gain insight into what makes the city so alluring and what drew her to a career in fashion. Before meeting her in Montreal for this feature’s photo shoot, we had several conversations regarding working for a major magazine, fashion essentials and the joys of living in NYC.

Willow Lindley
Vaughan Dress
Dee Cardigan
Vaughan Dress Slip dress.V-neckline.Side slit.
Dee Cardigan Long sleeve cardigan sweater.

How did your childhood interests lead you to a career in fashion?

I was very lucky to grow up around creative people who love what they do for work. I also have always been fascinated with photography, partly because my father is a cinematographer, and that really led me to love fashion photography, magazines, clothes and beautiful things in general. Also, growing up on movie sets led me to have that desire for fantasy that is so important in fashion.

What did you study and where?

I studied history at Barnard College in New York City and wrote my thesis on a war photographer named Lee Miller who worked for British Vogue during World War II.

Have your parents influenced your career or work ethic?

My parents without a doubt have influenced my work ethic. My father has managed to work freelance his whole life, which I greatly admire. I saw him make all the tough choices that freelancers have to make, especially when it came to missing family vacations for an important job or, equally as hard, turning things down during our summers so we always got our much needed family time in. I also watched my mother go back and get her degree in her 50s to reinvent her career completely, which showed me that you can do anything you want and you are never stuck if you are willing to work hard enough.

What is it about working at Vogue Magazine that people find so incredibly fascinating?

I think Vogue has an incredible history that people are drawn to. Vogue has also attracted some of the most flamboyant and brilliant creatives in the industry that are not shy at sharing their point of view.

Growing up on movie sets led me to have that desire for fantasy that is so important in fashion.

How do you switch off from work at the end of the day?

I always try to put my phone down for a half hour whether it's to go out to dinner with a friend, cook for me and my boyfriend, or go to the gym and have a little alone time.

How do you determine what clothing is essential or will add value to your wardrobe?

Mainly quality and fit. I’m all about comfort because I will only wear things more than once if they make me feel good.

What lessons has your career in fashion taught you about personal style?

That the best looking people wear clothes that fit them beautifully.

What traditional fashion rules do you believe in?

I’m not sure that I do – I love winter whites, navy with black, and booties in the summer. Rule breaker?

What is it about Judith & Charles that keeps you loyal to the brand?

The best thing about Judith & Charles is how long the clothes hold up - both design and quality-wise. When you buy a Judith & Charles piece, you know it is a piece that is going to take you through many seasons.

What is it about living in NYC that people find so alluring?

It’s such a melting pot from the food to the people to the buildings and, in New York, you are forced to interact with people from all walks of life all day everyday. You can’t help but find inspiration here.

image description

World Trade Center Transportation Hub, New York City, NY by Santiago Calatrava
Photo by Mark Lennihan

How does working in the Battery Park neighbourhood of NYC affect your lifestyle?

I think Battery Park is in such a great spot. I love being able to get out of work and go to the gym at Brookfield Place, stop at Le District and get some nice cheese to take home, walk over a couple blocks to TriBeCa and hit Whole Foods. It’s so centrally located and easy to access but also has a beautiful waterfront that is breathtaking in the evening.

Willow Lindley
Milt Coat
Oliver Sweater
Milt Coat Single-breasted coat.
Oliver Sweater Long sleeve knit sweater.Crew neckline.

Profile Stories 001

Dana Ades-Landy - President for the Association of Québec Women in Finance

This feature profile is the first of a new series, which looks to provide inspiration for women and allows us to get closer to our clients’ stories. In December 2015, we met with Montreal-based Dana Ades-Landy, for an early morning chat to discuss career, her advice to young professionals and her love for the brand.

Previously listed as one of Canada’s most powerful women, Dana currently resides as President for the Association of Québec Women in Finance (AFFQ), in addition to being a mother of two.

Dana Ades-Landy
Newman Dress
Newman Dress Sleeveless dress.Crew neckline.

What makes Montreal a great city to live in?

Montreal is a multi cultural city combining the warmth of a small city with the arts, education, restaurants and city life of a larger North American type city. It has amazing restaurants, hotels, ivy league schools, theatres, and a symphony to name a few reasons.

Is there any specific architecture in montreal that inspires you?

The Museum is magnificent and world renowned, the building I live in is over 100 years old with amazing architecture.

image description

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Founded in 1860 as the Art
Association of Montreal by a group of art collectors and patrons.

The advice I always give to young women is start building a network early on.
image description
Jude Jacket
Oliver Sweater
Oliver Sweater
Jude Jacket Single-breasted jacket.
Turnham Top Sleeveless blouse.
Liam B Pant Two-way stretch flat front pant.

Do you have any advice to share to young women starting their careers?

The advice I always give to young women is to start building a network early on, get involved in your community, school, associations, and charity work; you never know who you will meet. LEAN IN, promote yourself, ask for what you want and be a risk taker.

How do your fashion choices empower you in your daily life?

If I feel like I look good, and I am comfortable, I project confidence and feel like I have one less thing to worry about in my day.

What is it about Judith & Charles that makes you a loyal client?

I am loyal to the brand because the fit, quality and style of the collection are exactly me, they allow me to go to work with confidence and comfort. For me, there is no other brand name that really makes clothing for executive women.

How would you describe elegance?

Elegance is classic chic dressing with little fuss, someone who always looks put together, at ease in their skin and knows how to put an outfit together which is appropriate for the occasion.

What is your favourite thing about spring fashion?

The change in fabric and colours, lots of cream and white, and the feeling of taking off all the heavy layers.